Our People

YesAndLife engages trainers in North Carolina, Chicago and Boston.

We have a network of improv professionals, artists working across the country who are trained in both the art of improvisation and the YesAndLife philosophy. We can customize and design interactive programs for next quarter, next month, or the very next day.

Zach Ward

Zach Ward, owner and artistic director DSI Comedy, founder of the NC Comedy Arts Festival, serves as Chief Optimist for YesAndLife. Zach has consulted and delivered programs internationally for clients including TEDx, Procter & Gamble, Comcast, Motorola, Cisco, Fidelity, Biogen, GSK, Old Navy, YMCA, and Citrix. He has developed a passion for applied improv & comedy over the last 20 years, and, for more than a decade, an obsession with compassion, empathy, organizational development and business. In addition to professional speaking, corporate training, coaching and team building, Zach provides comedy talent for events all across the country. He practices “Yes, And” with his own employees, and with his 5 year-old son, every day. (LinkedIn)

Andrew Aghapour

Andrew Aghapour, executive coach and facilitator for YesAndLife, recently earned his Ph.D. in Religious Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, studying the intersection of science, religion, and western culture, defending a dissertation focused on religion and the brain. Andrew is an award-winning storyteller and has been on faculty at DSI since 2013. Andrew currently works as a Consulting Scholar with The Smithsonian. He practices “Yes, And” with his clients, his wife Emmie, and with their french bulldog, Bob.

Emily Holland

Emily Holland serves as client support and facilitator for YesAndLife. Emily has been performing and directing comedy for over 10 years, and has improvised comedy around the globe, from Boston to Los Angeles to Japan. She has been a producer for the Boston Comedy Arts Festival (ImprovBoston), LA Scripted Comedy Festival, Funny Women Festival LA, and NC Comedy Arts Festival. Offstage at DSI, Emily is an Associate Producer, director and instructor. She practices “Yes, And” with her students, her (healthy) nutella obsession and her instagram account.