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YesAndLife supports business clients by stretching the expectations of what professional development can look like and what annual team building efforts can accomplish. Our programs are often “the most interactive session” an organization has had “in a lonnng time” — and we always guarantee participants walk away with new skills they can apply the very next day.

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YesAndLife works actively with both faculty and students (undergraduate and graduate programs) in the Sciences, Business, Engineering, Journalism, Sales and Communications. Participants develop skills critical to success in higher education. Our programs relieve stress and can help students realize or re-discover a passion for why they are pursuing the work of a particular discipline.

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YesAndLife facilitators are experienced comedy directors and performers who are actively improvising today. They have produced theater, created and directed new shows, and have taught thousands of students. Our services include one-on-one coaching for comedy writers, improv workshops for ensembles or comedy schools, and consulting in all areas of the business.

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YesAndLife may offer the most significant benefit to the individual, as all of the skills we teach will impact both your professional and personal life. Our communication techniques are meant to create and support a more positive worldview and our facilitators are trained to help participants apply the skills of improvisation to get the most out of every day and every situation.